What Happens If A Big Dog Mates With A Small Dog?

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In order to reproduce, big dogs must mate with smaller dogs. In some cases, small male dogs may need to be supported to make contact during the mating process, while larger females may need to be supported in order to get close enough to the male to achieve sex. This can be a dangerous situation, and owners should be aware of the risks.

If your dog is already sick, mating with a large dog could worsen it.

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There are many reasons why it is not advisable to allow big dogs to mate with small dogs, and one of the biggest reasons is the size difference. While the female’s vagina is proportionate to her penis, a big male’s penis is very large and can tear the female’s vagina. In addition, a male dog’s locked period may last for 30 minutes or more, and he might run and play around during this period, which is dangerous for a smaller female.

Big Dog Mating With Small Dogs?

Another reason why bigger males cannot mount a female is that their penis is too large. This can lead to injuries to the female when they try to mount her.

Although male dogs aren’t prone to injuries, it is important to consider the age of both the male and the female to avoid putting any unnecessary risks. In addition, female dogs should be introduced to each other before the female’s fertile period begins so that they can get acquainted with each other.

Also Read: Although large dogs can mate with smaller dogs, it is not recommended for any reason. While a large male can successfully mate with a small female, he could injure the female, as his penis is too large for a female.

Moreover, males may have to lift their legs over a small female, which could result in a serious tear.

This mating procedure can cause a number of problems for both the female and the male. The male is likely to be larger than the female, resulting in an injury to the female.

The female can also get injured if the male is aggressive. If the female is large, the male can be too strong, and cause the woman pain. However, this can be avoided by separating the two dogs.

If a big dog mates with a tiny dog, the female may have a hard time being penetrated by the smaller male. She must be strong enough to overcome the huge male’s weight. The female should be well-nourished and healthy.

A dog that is too fat will be unable to carry a baby. If the female does not feel comfortable with the large male, it may try to ejaculate on her.

The male may not be able to lift his leg over the female without help.

She will need assistance to lift his leg over the giant female. It is not uncommon for the male to cause severe damage to the female, including bleeding. If the male is unable to do this, she can be mutilated and die.

The pups may be born with the wrong sex.

When a big dog and a small canine meet, they must perform a mating ritual. A male dog of similar size will lift his leg over the female and then turn back to the female.

A big female can also be quite threatening to a small male, and a male can bite the female. It is also important to note that a large dog can seriously hurt a small dog and the other way around.

Final Thoughts

The male will typically mount the female from the rear and clasp her midsection with his front legs.

The male will then lay down, putting her under a lot of pressure. This can cause a significant tear in the sex organs. A female will not be able to withstand such physical torment.

Therefore, the female may not be able to defend herself from the male.


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