A Fox Taking Orders From A Dog Star Fox

When it comes to taking orders from a dog foxes are not always the most cooperative of animals. In the case of the fox featured in the video below however it seems to have no problem following the commands of its canine friend.

The video which was uploaded to YouTube by user Aziz Al-Azzawi shows a fox and a dog playing together in what appears to be a park or forest.

The dog who appears to be the leader of the pair is seen giving the fox a number of commands which the fox obediently follows.

The first command the dog gives is for the fox to sit which it does without hesitation. The dog then appears to tell the fox to lie down and again the fox does as it is told.

The dog then gives the fox a hug which the fox does not seem to be too thrilled about but tolerates nonetheless.

The final command the dog gives is for the fox to roll over which it again does without issue. Once the fox has completed the task the dog appears to give it a treat as a reward.

This video is a heartwarming example of the bond that can form between different species of animals. It is also a reminder that despite their different appearances foxes and dogs are actually more similar than many people realize. Both species are intelligent and social animals that are capable of forming strong bonds with those around them.


John.E Nelson

J.E Nelson has written about foxes on occassions more than one, and the works are being enjoyed by many readers over the world. He was formerly of the Zoology Department, University of Queensland Australia, and now at the Department of Zoology and Comparative Physiology, Monach University, Victoria.

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