Did Amy Andrews Fox 2 Get Breast Implants

Amy Andrews a reporter for Fox 2 in Detroit has denied rumors that she has gotten breast implants.

“No I have not gotten breast implants” she said in a statement to the Detroit Free Press. “I am not sure where this rumor started but it is false.

The rumor began circulating after a photo of Andrews in a bathing suit surfaced on the internet leading some to speculate that she had undergone breast augmentation surgery.

However Andrews says the photo was taken “a couple of years ago” and that she has not had any work done since then.

“I have had two children since that photo was taken and my body has changed a lot” she said.

“I think that’s why people might think I’ve had something done but I haven’t.”

Andrews who has been with Fox 2 since 2006 is a native of Detroit and a graduate of the University of Michigan.

Does Amy Andrews have breast implants?

No Amy Andrews does not have breast implants.

How old is Amy Andrews?

Amy Andrews is 33 years old.

Where was Amy Andrews born?

Amy Andrews was born in Detroit Michigan.

What is Amy Andrews’ ethnicity?

Amy Andrews is caucasian.

How tall is Amy Andrews?

Amy Andrews is 5’8″.

What is Amy Andrews’ natural hair color?

Amy Andrews has dark brown hair.

What is Amy Andrews’ eye color?

Amy Andrews has brown eyes.

What is Amy Andrews’ bra size?

Amy Andrews’ bra size is 34C.

What is Amy Andrews’ dress size?

Amy Andrews’ dress size is 4.

What is Amy Andrews’ shoe size?

Amy Andrews’ shoe size is 8.


What is Amy Andrews’ favorite color?

Amy Andrews’ favorite color is pink.

What is Amy Andrews’ favorite food?

Amy Andrews’ favorite food is sushi.

What is Amy Andrews’ favorite movie?

Amy Andrews’ favorite movie is The Notebook.

What is Amy Andrews’ favorite TV show?

Amy Andrews’ favorite TV show is The Bachelorette.

What is Amy Andrews’ favorite band?

Amy Andrews’ favorite band is One Direction.



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