Did Fox Fire Kimberly From The Five

It’s been almost a week since news broke that Fox News had allegedly fired one of its most popular hosts Kimberly Guilfoyle. The move came as a shock to many especially given that Guilfoyle had been with the network for over a decade.

In the days since the news first broke more details have emerged about the circumstances leading up to Guilfoyle’s departure.

Here’s everything we know so far about why Fox News allegedly fired Kimberly Guilfoyle.

According to a report from New York magazine Fox News had been investigating Guilfoyle for several months before she was finally let go. The outlet’s sources claim that the investigation was launched after several women working at Fox News complained about Guilfoyle’s behavior.

The specific allegations against Guilfoyle have not been made public but they reportedly include claims of sexual misconduct and inappropriate behavior. Guilfoyle has denied any wrongdoing and her lawyer has called the claims against her “false and defamatory.”

In addition to the sexual misconduct allegations New York magazine’s sources claim that Guilfoyle was also embattled in a power struggle with Fox News CEO Suzanne Scott.

The outlet’s sources claim that Scott was not a fan of Guilfoyle and had been looking for an excuse to get rid of her.

The final straw reportedly came when Kimberly Guilfoyle’s book “Making America Great Again: 30 Powerful Stories of Hope Pride and Patriotism” was released earlier this month. According to New York magazine Fox News executives were not happy with the book and felt that it was inappropriate for a Fox News host to be selling a book so close to the presidential election.

Fox News has not confirmed the reasons for Guilfoyle’s departure but the network released a statement last week saying that she would be leaving to “pursue other opportunities.”

Guilfoyle has not spoken publicly about her departure from Fox News but her lawyer has said that she is “looking forward to her next chapter.”..

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