Where Does Toby Fox Live

Toby Fox was born on October 11 1991 and is currently 28 years old. His birth name is Tobias Elijah Fox and he was born and raised in Massachusetts USA. He is currently living in Los Angeles California.

Toby Fox is best known for creating and developing the hit indie game Undertale which was released on September 15 2015. The game has since been ported to other platforms including the Nintendo Switch.

In Undertale Toby Fox created all of the music dialog and wrote the majority of the code.

He has stated in interviews that he plans to continue working on Undertale-related projects in the future.

In addition to Undertale Toby Fox has also composed music for other video games including Hotland the home of the monsters in Undertale. He has also created several music albums including “Determinations” “Crossover” and “UNDERTALE Soundtrack”.

Toby Fox has said that he is a fan of video games anime and manga. Some of his favorite video games include The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild EarthBound and Super Smash Bros. He has also cited the Mother/EarthBound series as one of his major inspirations for creating Undertale.

Toby Fox is currently working on new music and projects and is constantly experimenting with new sounds and genres. He has said that he enjoys working on music for video games because it allows him to be creative and try new things.

You can follow Toby Fox on Twitter @tobyfox or on his website www.


Where does Toby Fox live?

Toby Fox lives in Massachusetts in the United States of America.

What is Toby Fox’s nationality?

Toby Fox is an American.

What is Toby Fox’s ethnicity?

Toby Fox is Caucasian.

How old is Toby Fox?

Toby Fox is 27 years old.

When is Toby Fox’s birthday?

Toby Fox’s birthday is on October 11th.

What is Toby Fox’s zodiac sign?

Toby Fox is a Libra.

What does Toby Fox do for a living?

Toby Fox is a video game developer and composer.

What are some of Toby Fox’s hobbies?

Toby Fox enjoys playing the violin among other things.

Where did Toby Fox go to college?

Toby Fox studied at Berklee College of Music.

What is Toby Fox’s favorite color?

Toby Fox’s favorite color is yellow.

What is Toby Fox’s favorite food?

Toby Fox’s favorite food is sushi.

What is Toby Fox’s favorite drink?

Toby Fox’s favorite drink is iced tea.

What is Toby Fox’s favorite video game?

Toby Fox’s favorite video game is EarthBound.

What is Toby Fox’s favorite animal?

Toby Fox’s favorite animal is a dog.

What is Toby Fox’s favorite band?

Toby Fox’s favorite band is Anamanaguchi.


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