A Pole You Might Hitch A Horse To Is Called

A Pole You Might Hitch A Horse To Is Called

What is a pole you might hitch a horse to called?

A hitching post.

What is the name of the horseman who picks up the dead or wounded during a battle?

A battlefield ambulance.

During what war was the first use of the horse drawn ambulance?

The Crimean War.

How many horses are required to pull a standard ambulance?


How are the horses hitched to the ambulance?

By a pair of shafts.

What is the weight limit of an ambulance?

1000 to 1200 pounds.

How many stretchers can an ambulance carry?


How many people can an ambulance carry?


What does the term “casualty” mean?

A person who is wounded or killed.

What is the main purpose of an ambulance?

To transport the wounded from the battlefield.

What is the name of the first horse-drawn ambulance?

The American Civil War Ambulance.

When was the first horse-drawn ambulance used?


How long did it take to develop the first horse-drawn ambulance?

One year.

Who developed the first horse-drawn ambulance?

The Sanitary Commission.

What type of vehicle was used before the development of the horse-drawn ambulance?




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