Do Sheep Eat Citrus Trees

Do sheep eat citrus trees?
The short answer is: no, sheep do not eat citrus trees.
The long answer is: while sheep might nibble on the odd leaf here and there, they generally don’t eat citrus trees – and certainly not enough to do any serious damage.

In fact, citrus trees can be good for sheep as they provide shelter from the sun and wind.
There are a number of reasons why sheep don’t eat citrus trees. Firstly, sheep are browsers rather than grazers, which means they prefer to eat leaves and other vegetation that they can reach with their head and neck.

Secondly, sheep have a relatively low tolerance for acidity, so the leaves of citrus trees are often too sour for them to eat.
That said, there are some circumstances in which sheep might eat citrus trees. If the trees are the only source of food available, or if the sheep are very hungry, they may nibble on the leaves or even strip the bark.

However, this is usually only done as a last resort and is not common.
So, in conclusion, while sheep may occasionally eat citrus trees, it is not something that they do regularly or in large quantities.

Do sheep eat citrus trees?

No, sheep do not eat citrus trees.


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